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Bring Video right into the Salesforce platform

A great way to bring Video playback and tracking to Salesforce. - Sylvie Mineault

Share and organize your videos with your teams and partners

Video Playback

You can now polish your website by simply clicking on the text. You can edit, move or delete the text as often as you like.


Track their success. Who is watching, how much, when do they drop off. Get real time feedback to drive success!

Files in Salesforce

Upload and sore you filed right in the Salesforce platform. Keeping your files save and secure.

There are no separate Systems or Plugins to set up and manage

We are 100% Salesforce native

Easy to use by design...

Tracking Video

With Stratus Video you can track the activity of your video. See who is whatching, when people are dropping off and what videos are getting the most views.

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Video Library

Create a video library right within the Salesforce platform. Simply link your videos, or upload them into the Salesforce Platform. Then roll them out to your users.

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