Stratus Cloud Solutions

Using technology should be the way we overcome challenges, not the challenge itself.

"It's just so simple to get started...Nicely done. Thanks for a great app." - Bryan Broome

Help Tips is the Digital Adoption Platform to Enable Assisted Training and Coaching

Raise your standards for Training

Train to competency by reaching employees in the most relevant moment with the most relevant information.

Impact the Digital Workplace

Increase the value of your digital investments by enabling workplace software to engage employees.

Deliver next generation customer experience

Foster optimal customer journeys, reduce needed support and ensure user adoption with intelligent guidance.

There are no separate Systems or Plugins to set up and manage.

We are 100% Salesforce native

Easy to use by design...

Create training

Create your training right within Salesforce. We have created a simple Lightning App to quickly and easily compose training for your users. Allowing your teams to create content anywhere on any browser. Talk about easy!

Beautiful Design

Once you are ready, roll Tips out to your users. In a simple yet beautiful application. Plus, we are a native component so you can deliver training wherever your users are. This even includes Salesforce Communities.

Learn how to create your first Tip