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Find duplicate records, prevent duplicates and merge duplicate data

"Great app with phenomenal customer and tech support. I have been able to wipe out 37,000+ duplicate records in our system with ease and quickly. "

- Craig Bullick

Data Cleanser keeps your data clean

Merge duplicates & convert records

Merge records without losing data like opportunities, attachments, and history. Convert Leads to Contacts.

Clean at Scale

Merge dupes manually, mass merge, or set it and forget it by scheduling to automatically merge duplicates.

Advanced Identification

Customizable filters and robust matching criteria allow you to dig deep to find duplicates using anything from exact to fuzzy matching and even synonyms.

Your data never leaves the Salesforce Platform

We are 100% Salesforce native

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Identify duplicates in minutes. Both Standard and Custom Objects Clean those unwanted duplicates with our standard scenarios or build your own. Data cleansing has never been easier.

Stratus Data Cleanser solves the problem of finding duplicates in your Lead, Contact and Account databases. Plus, we now fully support all your Custom Objects for Duplicate scanning and removal. Simplify your marketing and reporting initiatives by cutting down all the clutter that tends to build up inside

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