Installation Instructions - Impact Learn

How to Install and Configure Impact Learn

Impact LMS is available as a managed package that you can install from the AppExchange. This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Impact Learn in your org.

  • Pre-installation requirements
  • Downlaod and Install Impact Learn
  • Configuration

Pre-installation Requirements thanks needs to be enabled in order for Impact Learn to install, otherwise, the installation will fail. To ensure you have it enabled follow the steps below:

  1. Switch to Salesforce Classic
  2. Go to SETUP and search for WDC Settings
  3. Enable the Thanks setting.
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.36.12 PM

Download and Install Impact Learn

  1. Locate Impact Learn on the AppExchange and click on the App
  2. Click on the "Get it Now' button
  3. Click on the Login Button to log into your Salesforce instance
  4. Enter your Salesforce Credentials (if you are already logged into salesforce you might not see this screen, just go to the next step)
  5. Choose to install either in Sandbox or Production
  6. Agree to the terms and condition, then click on 'Confirm and Install'
  7. At this point, you might have to login again
  8. Choose Install for admin Only and then, click install
  9. You might get a message telling you the app is taking too long to install.
    If this is the case, wait until you receive an email from Salesforce that tells you that the app has been successfully installed
  10. After the Impact LMS has been successfully installed, you should be able to see it in the Learn and Impact Comoser from teh App launcher.

Post Installation Configuration - Permission Sets

Unfortunately, Salesforce doesn't allow us to transfer application access rights during the installation. That is why you will need to create 2 simple permission sets to give access to you users. One permission set for the authors and one for your learners.

But before, let's take a look at the permission sets that were created with the installation of Impact LMS

Impact LMS Admin

This permission set allows you to see and edit all the content in Impact LMS. It also gives the right to access the Impact admin Setting tab.
If you are the Salesforce Administrator, you don't need this permission set

Assign this permission set to your Impact LMS administrator

Impact LMS Author
The Impact LMS Author permission set give access to create books, libraries, specialities and topic. With this permission set, the user will be able to create all of the above, but doesn't have the permission to view or edit content produced by other users.

Assign this permission set to content producers/authors

Impact LMS Learner
The Impact LMS Learner permission set gives access to view courses that have shared with the user.

Assign this permission set to your students/learners

As mentioned before, we need to create 2 new permission sets to give access to the Impact LMS applications (Impact Composer and Impact Learn) to you users.
One permission set will be for the authors and the other one for your learners.

Let's create a permission sets for the authors.

  1. In Salesforce, go to setup/Administration/Users/Permission Sets
  2. Click 'New'. Enter a name such as 'Impact LMS Author Access' and click save.
    We recommend letting the User License field blanc (None)
  3. Click on Assign Apps and then, click the edit button

  4. Select the following applications (ilms.Impact Composer, ilms.Impact LMS, ilms.Learn) and click save

  5. You will need to create another permission set for your learners. This time select the following applications
    ilms.Impact LMS,

  6. The permission sets are now created, assign them to your Impact LMS Users.

Don't forget, your users will need two permission sets to use the application. The one we just created and one of the permission set mentioned above.