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Impact Learn FAQ

What does the "Provide Answer Summary" option on a quiz actually do?

Once the Quiz has been completed, it will give you a summary of the questions the user got right and wrong.

What is the behaviour if the Quiz Max Retake is set to 0?

  • Blank is unlimited retakes
  • 0 should be no retakes. However, it is a bug that is fixed in the next release

Is there a way to get the Chatter feed to come up in the course for the learners in the community?

Yes, this can be done using the Community Builder. Happy to help se this up with you.`

Does the Previous Page Dependancy matter if a page is the first page in a chapter? For instance does it require the learner to finish the previous chapter before starting this one? If not is there a way to do that?

Yes, if Previous Page dependence is enabled the user must complete the Page that comes before. The only exception is if the Page is the ‘First’ page in the Course.

What does the Automatically record user view option do on a page's properties? What is the effect if this is not enabled?

There is a ‘Mark as Complete’ button on every page. This is used to track the users progress (completion of pages). If ‘Automatically record user view’ is enabled, the ‘Mark as Complete’ is recorded when a user visits the page. If not, the user will need to manually select the ‘Mark as Complete’ button to record the completion of this page.

Where do you assign points?

Point configuration are managed in the ‘Impact Learn Settings’ under manage points.

What is the pass percentage on the course vs. pass percentage on the test?

  • - Pass % on the Quiz determines if the user passes the Quiz.
  • - Pass % on the Course determines the amount of Pages that need to be completed (included Quiz (passed)) to represent a Pass.

What are course - target completions goals?

This allows you to set ‘Goals’ for your Course. Eg. You might have a target for 1000 users to complete the course. This will allow you to easily track and report your progress on that goal.

What is the difference between Attachment and Document when adding images to the page editor?

    • Attachments are the uploads (images) to be attached to the Course directly. They are only available to that course.
    • Documents are considered ‘Global’ files. That will allow other courses to leverage the same file.