Adding Locally Stored MP4 Videos to a Content Page

Please follow these instrcutions to add a Locally Stored MP4 video file to your cotnat page in Impact Learn

1. Add a content page to the chapter you wish to edit.

2. Add Page Title and page details. Save the page

3. Slect the Page you just created and click on the Files Tab.

4. You then have the option to drag the file onto the Tab page or click on "upload Files' to select the file.


5. Once the file is uploaded click on Done

6. Select the Editor Page.

7l Select the Insert Video button and select the third icon - Browse.

editor video2

8. sahred vidoes will now show up in the Manage Videos window.

9. Select the vidoe by clicking ont he '+' button.

10. You can then resize the video by selecting it and dragging the corner arrows.

NOTE: If you have videos sotred in YouTube or Vimeo, you can click on the First Icon "By URL" button to add the vidoe URL information. There is no need to add it to the FILES tab.