Creating Help Tips

How to Create a Tip

A quick instructional video to walk you through creating a Tip in Help Tips.

Salesforce Page Configuration

Help Tips Page Configuration

Learn how to add the 'Help Tips' component to any Salesforce Lightning Page. Simply drag and drop the component onto any Lightning page. Once on the Lightning Page, you can configure the preferences so it will match exactly how you would like it to look on your page.

Adding Videos to Help Tips

How to add a video in Help Tips

If you are looking to improve your Salesforce Adoption, why not try adding some Video to your Help Tips.

Adding Smart Filters to Help Tips

How to add a Smart Filter in Help Tips

How to set up a Smart Filter in Help Tips. Only show the relevant Tips to your users. Create filters that are triggered on the Field settings on

Enabling User Stats in Help Tips

How to enable user stats in Help Tips

Help Tips Pro allows you to track the performance of your Tips. How they are being used, which Tips are being used and providing value and which are not.