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Adding Video Files

In order for Salesforce to allow uploaded Videos to be shown in Salesforce, you must first add your domain to Salesforce CSP trusted Sites. This is a one time setup that will need to be done in order to be able to play videos in Help Tips that you have uploaded to Salesforce. Follow these instructions to add your domain to the CSP Trusted Sites.

  • In Salesforce, go to SETUP and search for domain. Click on 'My Domain'
  • Go to the section entitled 'My Domain Settings'
  • Copy Your Domain Name as you see below in the red box
  • In Salesforce Setup now search for CSP. Select CSP Trusted Sites
  • Click on the Button 'New Trusted Site'
  • Give your trusted site a name such as 'My Domain'
  • You will need to add '' after your Domain name
  • In the trusted site URL enter the following:
  • Make sure that the section in red in your domain that you copied in the steps above
  • Save your Trust–––––ed Site.
CSP trusted2_copy_2

Now you will be able to add video files to Help Tips.