Help Tips - FAQ

Is Help Tips really Free?

Yes, Help Tips is completely free. However, it's important to note if you are looking to leverage some of our more advancd features (Video, Stats, Smart Filtering) you will need the Pro version and that is a paid version.

Can Help Tips work in the Classic UI?

The Classic UI does not have the ability to support Lighting Components.

Can I decide what tip to show to specific users?

Yes, you can use our smart filter, not only to target specific users but also help them on specific records.

Can I reuse my existing content?

Yes, Help Tips rich editor allows you to embed your videos and copy paste existing HTML.

Can I use tips to train my customers and partners?

Yes, since tips uses lightning components, you can simply drag and drop the tip component into your community pages to start helping your partners and customers with relevant, in context, information.