Effortlessly clean up your salesforce data in minutes.  Remove, merge, convert duplicate records in no time.  Stratus Data Cleanser can easily eliminate your salesforce duplicate data.  Remove duplicates from your Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts and custom objects.

Data Cleanser enables you to quickly profile your data, find all your duplicate records and effortlessly merge them without losing any of the important data or relationships. Data Cleanser is the easiest product of its kind to setup, use and maintain.  We also support advanced duplicate detection, so even those hard to identify duplicates can easily be found! 

Here are a few of the many features Data Cleanser has to offer:

All Cloud: There is nothing to you need to do except install the Data Cleanser from the AppExchange.  Once installed, just log into Salesforce.com, select Data Cleanser and just like Salesforce.com you immediately have everything you need to clean your Salesforce.com database.

Security: All your data will never leave your your protected SF.com environment.   Most organizations do all the security check for Salesforce to insure it's all secure.  All other data cleansing tools need to export your data to analyze it.  This adds risk to your data security.  We are different, the data is never exported, keeping your data safe and secure.

Support: We are always happy to help.  We have a full support team that can help.  So if your having trouble finding those hard to find duplicates, give us a call or send us a question and we are happy to help.

Price: Since we do not need to run expensive servers, but have designed the solution to run within SF.com, we can pass that saving on to you.  Our pricing is simple, let us know how many users you have using Salesforce.com and we can give you a simple price.  We do not worry how many records you have.  Just one price, simple.

Features: we have been cleaning duplicates for over 7 years, so the odds are we have everything you need.  But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself and see the difference.