Simplicity, Functionality, Price

Data Cleanser is simple to use and will work on all your devices all from within  Our unique viewer allows you to easily compare your duplicates for quick results.  We run 100% on the platform so there is no additional charges for the size or your database.  Simply install Data Cleanser, scan your database and start removing duplicates.

Our solutions is packed with all the advanced functionality you need to find those hard to identify duplicates. We support the following search algorithms to identify those hard to find duplicate records.

  • Fuzzy - identify all those duplicates that sound the same but are spelled differently 
  • Numeric - only evaluate numbers in a string of characters
  • XXXXX - Letters - Identify the records that start with same letters; choose to match on the first letter, the first two letters up to the first five letters of the field
  • Street Address - identifies matches between Ave and Avenue, or Street and St
  • Word Mapping - gives you the ability to tell Data Cleanser that certain words or groups of words should be mapped together to find hard ot find cuplicates such HP and Hewlestt Packard
  • Word Mapping Fuzzy - same as Word Mapping, but with Fuzzy logic applied
  • Word Removal - gives you the ability to tell Data Cleanser to ignore certain word in the field such as Inc. or Ltm. Find hard to find matches such as Apple and Apple Inc. 
  • Word Removal Fuzzy - same as Word Removal but with Fuzzy logic applied 
  • Alpha and Numeric Only - matches on alpha and numeric characters only and ignores any other character in the field
  • First Word - matches based on the first word in the field
  • Relaxed Phone - matches 1-888-888-888 to 888-888-8888 to 0-888-888-8888

Data Cleanser is also very competitively priced,  In fact, many of our customers tell us we are a lot cheaper compared to our competitors (Demandtools, RingLead and CloudIngo).  We can provide all the same features, but at a lower price because we are 100% built on the platform.  We do not have to support costly servers to find your duplicates.  We pass that saving onto you!