Stratus Guided Tour - Admin Guide

You are ready to create your own tour? Great! Follow these steps...


Starting and stopping the recorder

Click on recorder icon on the google chrome extension bar. (See installation guide) When done recording your Guided Tour, click again and the recorder will disappear. This recorder will enable you to create your tours. Once you click on the recorder icon, the Tours pop up menu will appear to the left of the screen. 


Creating A Group

Stratus GT helps you to organize your Guided Tours by giving you the ability to create groups. Once created these groups can contain one or more Guided Tours. 

To Create a group, first open the recorder by clicking on the extension icon.

Once the recorder is opened, click on the 'Add Group' button





On the group Creation Screen

1. Enter a group name such as Sales

2. Choose a color for your group

3. Click save

Congratulations you have just created your first group


Creating your first Guided Tour


To create your first guided tour click on the ''Add Tour'' Button.






1.Create new Flow.png




On the Guided Tour creation screen 

1. Enter a name such as Create an Account

2. Choose the group where this Guided Tour belong

3. Choose Salesforce Profiles you want to deploy to 

4. Click Save




After saving the flow, the recorder will take you into the ''How to create an account'' screen. From there you will be able to create steps.  



Click the ''Add Step'' Button  

After you click on 'Add Step' the recorder screen will disappear, allowing you to select any element on the page. 










Select an Element on the Page.
Click on the account tab.

For our first step we will choose the Account tab. (We want to show our users how to create a new account) 




Enter Text for your Step

After selecting the element (Account Tab), a bubble will appear allowing you to enter more details for that step.

Title: Click the Account Tab
Description: We will see you on the account page






Choose how to advance to the next step

You can tell the step how to advance to the next step. In our case we will choose the click the highlighted element (arrow)

Other Options are:

  • Clicking the element 
  • After User input (Useful in a form)
  • Hoovering the highlighted element



You can also change the Bubble position using this button



8. Save your step

After you save the step, you will be taken back to the recorder screen. From there you can choose to play this step if you want to see how it will look on the page.





Result should look like this


Adding more steps to our Guided Tour

Minimize the recorder by clicking the minus button 



With the recorder minimized, click on the Account Tab
Since your Guided Tour spawns across more that one screen, this will allow us to record other steps.


Click Add Step and select the new button as the element.






Enter Step Details

Enter a Title for you Step. Leave the description emption. Choose advance to the next bubble by clicking the element and save your step.

1. Enter 'Click New'
2. Choose advance on clicking the element
3. Click the Save Button





On the Account page, click on the new button to get to the Account creation page 


Click Add a Step
(Once on the Salesforce Account Creation Page)






Select the Account Field for the Step Element 






Enter Step Details

1. Title: 'Enter a Name'
2. Description: Fields in red are mandatory
3. Choose advance on user input

4. Save



Add another step







Select the Save Button as the Step element

Enter Step Details

1. Title: 'Click Save'
2. Description: 'Clicking this button will create the new account'
3. Choose advance on clicking on the element

4. Save





Add a last step






Choose any element on the page

Enter Step Details 

1. Title: 'Congratulations'
2. Description: 'You just created your first account'
3. Choose advance on clicking the next button

4. Save




You have just completed your first Guided Tour !



Testing the Guided Tour from the recorder


1. In the recorder, click the play Button to get an overview of your Guided Flow. You will be able to experience what the end users will see.









1. In the Recorder, click the publish button to make it available to the end user via the Guided Tour Launcher










Adding a Condition Step

Condition steps are a powerful way to make sure the users follow your guided tours the way you intended to. By adding conditions you can manage validation errors, landing pages and values in specific fields.

Let's add a condition to our flow, this way we can make sure users will be on the Sales application.


1. Open the recorder, and click to the Guided Tour we just created.





2. Make sure you un-publish  your guided Tour. Otherwise, the recorder won't let you modify it.
(In a real life scenario, you could clone your guided Tour. That way you can make changes to it and leave the original one published)

3. Add a new Step (We will now ask the user to choose the Sales Application , at the beginning of the tour)


4. Choose the Sales application as the element for this new step

5. Enter Step Details

1. Title: 'Congratulations'
2. Description: 'You just created your first account'
3. Choose advance on clicking the next button

4. Save





6. After the Step is saved, it will be the last step in your Guided Tour. Use the drag and drop functionality and make it the first step of our Guided tour. 






7. Now, let's add a condition





7. Choose Sales as the element for the condition 



8. Enter Condition Details