How to embed your Power Point into your eLearning courses.

1. Signup for the free service Slide Share (LinkedIn Company now Microsoft).

2. Upload your Power Point that you wish to integrate into your Learning Course.

3. Choose how you want to share your Power Point.  Our recommendation would be to use the 'Private Link' so only your Users will have access to your Power Point information. 

4. Once uploaded and your sharing has been set.  Copy the content from the 'Embedded Code' field.

5. Navigate to your Impact Learn Page you wish to integrate you Power Point presentation.

6. Press the 'Insert' and it is now part of your Learning Program. 

If the Insert button does not click, use this code and just update with the URL (in Bold) with the URL found in the Embedded Code from Slide Share:  

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="960" height="749" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>