How to install and configure Impact LMS in your Salesforce Community

Please, follow these configurations steps

Impact Learn can be easily added to your community for use by your employees, customers and partners. Here we show you to set up a Napili template to allow your users to access the training material.  

  • Create a page to receive the LMS application
  • Adding the LMS page to the Community
  • Adding Course Details
  • Adding Page Details


Create a page to receive the LMS application


  2. Select 'Builder' beside the community you wish to add the Impact Learn Application
  3. Create a page to receive the applicaiton
new page.png


4.  Select Standard page

stqandard page.png

5. Select 1 Full Width Column

full width columns.png

6. Click Next

7. Name you new page and then click the Create button

home page.png


8. Now that the page is set up, we can add the components onto it.  From the components drop down list, scroll down to Custom Components and drag the 'Impact Learning Metrics' to the Content Section.

Learning metrics.png

9. Next let's drag on the 'Impact Course Search' component under the 'Impact Learning Metrics' in the Content section. 


10. Next drag on the 'Impact List - Courses' components under the 'Impact Course Search' in the content section. This will show all available courses the user has access to.

11, Drag the 'Impact List - User Courses above the component ' Impact List - Courses' to show courses that the user has registered for or has been assigned. 

user courses.png

12. At this point, click on Publish in order to save your work. 

publish 1.png

12. Next, we will add this page we just created to our community.  Click on the Navigation Menu and then on the button 'Navigation Menu'


13. Click on 'Add Menu item'

add menu item.png

14.0Give your Menu item a name such as Training and select the page that you just created in the steps above (In this case I had named by page training). Once you are done, click on Publish.

add training page.png


15. Next we need to ensure that when the user clicks on a course, that they are brought to the course details.  Click on any course and hen click on 'New Page'

adding object page1.png


16.  This time we want to add an object page. 

object page 2.png

17. In the search bar, type 'Course' and select the course object and then click create. 

select course object.png

18. On the next screen, click on 'I don't want to see this screen again" and then click on create.

object page 3.png

19. We now need to change the Page Layout. Click on 'Page' and and then click on 'Change' beside 'One Column Layout'. 

change column layout.png

20. Select 2 column 2:1 ratio.

2 column layout.png

21. Delete any components that are on the page by clicking on the 'X' on the top right hand corner of the component. You might want to Publish again to ensure your work is saved.

22. Next we add the following three components to the content section:  'Impact Course Header' ; 'Impact Course Progress Bar' ; and 'Impact Course Chapters'

add page comp.png

23. Drag the tab components onto the sidebar.

add tabs.png

24. Rename the tabs as follows: 1 - 'Feed  2 - Engagement and 3 -Course Info

rename tabs 2.png

25. Drag the 'Feed Publisher' component to the Feed tab. 

adding feed publisher.png

26. Click on the Engagement tab and drag on the 'Impact Course Badge' and 'Impact Course Points' 

add engagement comp.png


27. Click on the Course Info tab and drag on the 'Impact Course Information' component. 

course info components.png

28. Next we need to add a page for when the user clicks on a course page, they see the details of that page.  Click on Properties, New Page and then select Object Page.

object page second time.png

29. In the Search bar, type 'Page' and then select Page.  Click Create. 

search for page.png

30. Delete any existing components on this page.  Drag in the following components into the contents section of the page: 'Impact Page Header' ; and  'Impact Page View'

adding page components.png

31. Publish the community and you are Done!