Data Cleanser - Custom Object

Effortlessly clean up your data in minutes.  Remove, merge, convert duplicate records in no time.  Stratus Data Cleaner can easily eliminate your duplicate data.  Remove duplicates from your Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts and custom objects.

We are the ONLY solution on the AppExchange that does not move your data outside the platform.  There is no opportunity for a data breach leveraging Data Cleanser.

Data Cleanser enables you to quickly profile your data, find all your duplicate records and effortlessly merge them without losing any of the important data or relationships. Data Cleanser is the easiest product of its kind to setup, use and maintain.  We also support advanced duplicate detection, so even those hard to identify duplicates can easily be found! 



  • Create your own matching  scenarios to identify  your duplicate records in minutes.

  • Full support for .Leads, Contacts, Accounts plus Custom object support

  • Manual, Select and Mass merge options

  • Powerful & flexible matching criteria

  • No data loss – all notes, attachments, campaigns, relationships remain in tact


Salesforce Data De-duplication & Profiling

Data Cleanser is a comprehensive dedupe solution for With an easy to use, intuitive interface,Data Cleanser gives you a clear view of your duplicate records on one screen. From a single view, you can drill into each Duplicate Group and see the duplicate records that exist in real-time.
No software needed. Data Cleanser is 100% built on the Platform, so you never have to worry about a potential data breach on a secondary system.  You are protected with!


The New Way to Manage Your Data

Data Cleanser is the next-generation data quality and de-duplication application for  It is completely build on the ( Platform.  The focus is on simplicity and ease-of-use.