My Domain Error when attempting  to install Stratus Video.

1. You may get the following error if you do not have My Domain enabled in your Salesforce org.

Error on install.png

2. Click on Setup and type in My Domain in the search bar. Select My Domain and then type in a domain name for your organization. 

3. Click on Check Availability to ensure that this is a unique Domain Name. If the domain is available then click on Register Domain.

4. In Step 2 the Domain is being registered and you will receive an email once it is ready to be tested. 


5. Once you received the email confirmation that the domain is ready for testing, click on the link in the email or click on Log In on the My Domain page and test out the Domain. Once tested you can go back to My Domain in Setup to continue the process. 

6. Click on Deploy to Users.  Once this process is completed you can then follow the instructions to install Stratus Video.