Lightning Page Activation

Impact LMS comes with lightning pages that need to be activated after the installation.

Follow these steps to activate the lightning pages

1. In setup, Search for Object Manager
2. Click on ‘Course’
3. Click on ‘Lightning Record Pages’
4. Click on ‘Course - Online - Author - One’
5. Click the ‘Edit’ button
6. Click Activation (top right hand corner)
7. Click ‘App Default’
8. Click on ‘Assign as App Default’


9. Select Impact Composer and click Next


10. Click Save.
11. You will need to repeat these steps for the following page:
Select ‘Page’ from the Object Manager
Select ‘Page -Author - One’ and assign as app default to Impact Composer.

Salesforce Path Activation

Impact LMS uses Salesforce path to visually show the progress of a course throughout it's creation.
To take advantage of this feature you will need to enable Salesforce Path in your organization.

To Activate salesforce Path

1. Go to setup -Customize-Path Settings
2. On the Path Settings page, click Enable