License Manager - Stratus GT

Now that you have installed Stratus - GT, you will need to activate your free limited license.  It is important to note that the limited license will give you full access to all the powerful administrative features.  However, you will be limited to creating only 5 flows and the license will only be active for 1 year.

How to activate youR free TOURS

App Switcher

1. Select the Stratus - GT menu item from the Application drop down menu.  If you have just installed the package it will be at the bottom of the list.








Verify information

2. You will then be prompted to enter you user details.  Verify the information is correct and then select the number of license your company has of  

Click the 'I Accept the MSA - Begin Trial' to activate your license.



Download Plugin

3. Your license is now active.  You now have a few options: 

  • Install Instructions - this will bring you to our website to show you how to install all of the components
  • Request a Demo - you will be asked from some information and then you will be contacted to schedule an online demo
  • Request a Quote - you will then have the opportunity to request an invoice, or a call. As well, there will be a button 'Enter your License Key' if you have purchased additional tours.




Enter License Key

4. This step is only necessary if you have a purchased License Key.  If you have purchased a License Key, you will need to click on the Request a Quote button, and then the 'Enter your License Key' to enter you code.  Once it has been validated you will then have full access to Stratus - GT.