Customer Journey

Stratus Cloud Solutions is passionate about the success of its users, and has developed an approach that ensures an active partnership with each of its customers.


Customer Journey



Stratus Cloud Solution Professional Services implements the eLearning Operating System through a phased approach, offering best practices to eliminate inefficiencies, improve strengths and maximize productivity through a project-based deployment



As a flexible and secure platform, Impact Learn's eLearning Operating System integrates with core systems, as well as third-party applications to share or capture results from any system.



Stratus University delivers interactive training to users through multiple training methods including online courses, interactive training sessions and webinars.



Stratus Cloud Solutions empowers and supports customers with a North American-based support team, which includes an ecosystem of resources including traditional support channels via phone and email.


Customer Success

As trusted advisors offering best practices and solutions, the Customer Success Management Team works with existing clients to drive utilization, engagement and adoption of the Impact Learn eLearning Operating System to help achieve their institution's goals.