eLearning Operating System Integrations

Impact Learn's eLearning Operating System integrates with HR systems, as well as third-party applications to become the single source of truth.



Integrations provides insight through data and business intelligence, and Impact Learn's eLearning Operating System is the means to take data and make it actionable for organizations. Integrating customer data, into the eLearning Operating System provides improved business intelligence, transparency and a 360-degree view. Having a flexible, scalable and secure architecture to build upon allows Impact Learn to incorporate multiple integration methods, which will support modern web service interfaces as well as older, offline batch interfaces. Impact Learn recognizes the importance of integrations and has a dedicated integration team.

Data Integrations

Stratus Cloud Solution integrates and extracts data from an organizations core and disparate systems to provide a single source. The Stratus platform allows organizations to configure and organize data into detailed reports to sort, filter and view in visually compelling formats.

Third-Party Product Integrations

Impact Learn assesses its third-party providers for feature functionality, compatibility, security, service and commitment. After careful evaluation, these third-party integrations are seamlessly embedded within the eLearning Operating System and function as complementary components rather than disparate processes.


Deliverable / Output

  1. Develop third party application integrations.
  2. Ensure all integrations meet the highest level of security and data protection standards.
  3. Configure integrations with core systems to bring all relationship and loan data into Impact Learn.
  4. Provide additional data integrations to existing disparate solutions.