Stratus Data Cleanser Standard Object - Installation Guide

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Click here to get the latest version of the Data Cleanserpackage to start your trial.


Once you have clicked on the install link above, you will be brought to the App Exchange where you can click on the Button 'Get It Now'. , will then walk you through the steps needed to begin the process to install Data Cleasner into your Org.. You will need to login to your org.



1.  Once you have clicked on the link above, and logged into, click Continue to start the installation of Stratus Data Cleanser.




2. On the second screen you must click Next to  approve the Package API Access.







3. Next you will need to select the security level and the level of access you wish your users to have.  A typical installation is 'Grant access to admins only'






4. To complete the installation click on the Install button.







5. You will get confirmation that the installation has been completed. You can then select 'Data Cleanser' from the App Menu to access the application. 







6. To obtain your trial key, ensure that your contact information is correct and Click on the button 'I Accept the MSA - Begin Trial'. This will launch Data Cleanser and you are ready to start cleaning!