Stratus Guided Tour - Installation Guide

Download from the AppExchange

Your first step is to install Stratus - GT into your organizations instance.  To do this you will need to visit the AppExchange and click on the button Get It Now. will then walk you through the steps needed to begin the process to install Stratus - GT into your Org..


1. You will need to login the AppExchange using your credentials.  Keep in mind you need to be an Administrator to install the package.


Production vs Sandbox

2.  Choose if you would like to install Stratus - GT into your production instance of or into a Sandbox.

Agree to the terms

3. You will now need to agree to the terms and check the checkbox.  Once checked you will need to click on the 'Confirm and Install' button.

4. You will be prompted to log back into

List of components

5. You will then be presented with a list of components that will be installed into your instance of  Keep in mind Stratus - GT is a Managed Package and will not count towards any of your Org Limits.






API Access

6. You will now walk start the installation wizard.  The first step you will need to approve the Package API Access. 

Security Access

7. Next you will need to select the security level and the level of access you wish your users to have.  A typical installation is 'Grant access to admins only'.  


8. To complete the installation click on the Install button.

Stratus - GT menu option

9. Stratus - GT should now be installed.  Select the Application menu (top right of screen) to verify Stratus - GT has been installed.