How to install and configure Stratus Video

Please, follow these Installation steps

Stratus Video is available as a managed package that you can install from the AppExchange. This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Impact LMS in your org. 

  • Download and Install Stratus Video
  • Configuration


download and install Stratus Video

1.  Locate Stratus Video on the AppExchange and click on the app.

2.  Click on the Get it Now Button

3) Click on the Login to the AppExchange button

4) Enter your Salesforce Credentials (if you are already logged into salesforce you might not see this screen, just go to the next step)

5) Choose between installing Stratus Video in you sandbox or production salesforce instance

6) Agree to the terms and condition, then click on 'Confirm and Install'

7) At this point, you might have to login again

8) Choose Install for admin Only and then, click install

9) You might get an error message in regards to My Domain. Click here for instructions on how to Enable My Domain or go to Step 10 if you do not get an error essage.

10) You might get a message  telling you the app is taking too long to install.
If this is the case, wait until you rec
eive an email from Salesforce that tells you that the app has been successfully installed

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.39.14 PM.png