Impact Learn (e-Learning)

The world's easiest to use Learning Management System on the Salesforce platform. It is used by large enterprise companies, SMB’s and not-for-profits. Experience enterprise learning that works today. 

Data Cleanser (Data Quality)

Our Duplicate removal solution was designed with two things in mind.  Quickly identify your Salesforce duplicates and remove (merge) those unwanted duplicates.  All while ensuring there is no loss of data, even the related lists are brought over to the merged record.  

Stratus Video (Video Platform)

Manage your entire video library right within your Salesforce platform.  All from one powerful dashboard and create personal, interactive video experiences that truly engage your viewers.

Stratus Cloud Solutions 

We provide solutions for Salesforce users. Our products are written 100% on the platform allowing you to leverage your Salesforce investment.

Clean your database of duplicates with our easy to use, simple UI, Data Cleanser application. Our application will help you to clean up your salesforce data in minutes.  We can help to remove duplicates from your Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts and custom objects. Data Cleanser offers many features that are key to a cleaner, duplicate free database.  

  • It is 100 % therefore security of your data is not an issue.
  • Support is available to you throughout your journey We want to help!  
  • We offer competitive, simple pricing.   
  • But more importantly, we have been cleaning Salesforce duplicates for over 7 years, so the odds are we have everything you need.  But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself and see the difference.  

Training can be provided to your users, your partners and your customers with Impact LMS - our LMS for Salesforce. A native e learning application to provide you users with a high performance learning environment.  Create your own learning content by using our easy to use and powerful editor.  Add screenshots and videos to enable enhanced learning. This LMS for Salesforce offers many great features.

  • It is 100% - an application your users are already familiar with
  • Collaboration on courses via Chatter
  • Integrated with Salesforce communities
  • Salesforce Dashboards allow you to keep tabs on progress

Click on the ‘LMS for Salesforce’ button to learn more about this application and all of its wonderful features

No time for Salesforce admin tasks, no problem, we can help! We can offer admin services for a specific project or for a specified number of hours. No job is too small.



We, at Stratus Cloud Solutions, strive to offer easy to use solutions for users.  We understand the power of the Salesforce platform which is why we build all of our products native. We understand the need for data security and familiarity. We use Salesforce functionalities within our products to ensure that our users can believe and trust in our products. We offer full support throughout your journeys with our applications and we stand behind our products. Start your free trial today, no obligations or risk. 

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