How to embed Google Slides, Sheets or Documents into Impact Learn: Using Google Slides as your presentation platform allows you to share your slides without the need for further software or applications. 

To embed your Google Slides into Impact Learn, you need to start by opening up your Google Slides and going to File > Publish to the web…

A pop out window will appear. There are two tabs here, Link and Embed, you want to click on Embed to see the correct details you need, as per the image below.

Here, you can edit various options, such as the size of the embedded Google Slides window, and whether it should autostart and repeat when finished. Once you’re happy, click Publish.

Google Slides will now generate some HTML code for you to add to you Impact Learn Page, as an iframe.

Now lets add this to your Impact Page

Now, open you Learn Page in Impact Author Application.  Click on the 'Video' Button and then click on 'Embedded Code'

Now add the 'Google Embedded Code' you copied from Google Slides.

Thats it.  Now just save and you have seemless integration with you Impact Learn Page.