Gamification for Impact LMS

Gamification is on the fast track to becoming an industry standard for eLearning, and is certainly a best practice for almost any service and piece of software. As any experienced instructor can tell you, setting up your eLearning courses is only half the battle.  The other half is getting your learners (trainee) to pay attention. Today, attention is measured in seconds, so keeping your learners engaged is no small task.  So we need to find ways to keep our teams engaged. When it comes to eLearning gamification Impact LMS has you covered.  We have some of the more well-know and tested techniques, such as Points, Badges and Leaderboards.

Lets take a look at Points

Points are the most basic form of gamification; the exact equivalent of “keeping score” in a game. You might be wondering why you'd need to use Points for this, since Impact LMS already Grades you quiz's.  The reason is they serve two serve different purposes.  While grades are meant to measure academic performance, points can be used to encourage user engagement in general (e.g. by being awarded when one completes a course, for each login to the Learning Management System, etc).  Impact LMS lets you configure each course to deliver the appropriate amount of points.  Users are informed of the points they receive after completed each course and is is predominately displayed on their Impact LMS profile.  It can also be displayed on a leaderboard right within Salesforce, if you wish to drive some competition within your teams.  


Badging helps to provide a sense of accomplishment

You can think of Badges as the equivalent of real world medals. In Impact LMS, most gamification systems, badges are visual stamps (images) that are awarded to users on certain achievements and are displayed in their header and profile page.  Once the learner has completed and passed the course, a badge is awarded.  It will then be presented in their accomplishment section within Impact LMS, but also shared with the entire organization leveraging Salesforce Chatter.  This will give others across the organization to acknowledge the learners success, and provide words of parse to help drive the behaviour.  It is amazing just how far this type of encouragement will go.



Leaderboards is just a gamification name for a “high score” list. An Impact LMS leaderboard is basically way to highlight your top achievers.  This type of display visual depiction of the user's ranking under various metrics (Points, Badges, Certifications, etc.) compared to fellow learners; including the very best (“high scores”) and others immediately above and below them.  The idea here is to give users a good overview of their position compared to others, so that they get motivated to improve it.  Managers can also customize their own dashboards to focus specifically on their team, course or certification.  This will allow organizations to drive the desired corporate goals as well as help drive the right behaviours at all levels of the organization.


Gamification means business

In this article we had a look at gamification in general, and the gamification options offered by Impact LMS in particular. We focus on ease of use and intuitiveness, Impact LMS makes adding gamification to your eLearning programs easy and transparent as possible.  


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