• Data Cleanser is 100% built on the platform which means your data is secure as it will never leave
  • Since Data Cleanser is built on the platform, you leverage your current investment and we can keep our price low.
  • Our newly designed interface is clean and easy to use. 

Who wants clean data?

  • Executives - Having clean data allows executives to be confident in the data in No duplicates = More accurate reporting.
  • Marketing - Having clean data allows the marketing teams to concentrate their efforts on the right markets, the right  clients. No duplicates = Effiicency
  • Sales - Having clean data allows the sales team to have harmony since the data is accurate and there is no confusion as to who owns what lead. No duplicates = Time spent on Selling

Our goal is to create a better way to keep your data as clean as possible and we do this by providing a beautiful interface that is simple to use and user friendly.


Our best Features:

  • Leverage your investment to save money
  • Built on the platform allowing for Security of your data, portability and no software to install
  • A variety of useful matching types including Fuzzy
  • Create your own matching scenarios to identify duplicates
  • Merge all duplicates with the click of a button
  • Merge history to see what scenarios have been activated and how many duplicates were merged