The eLearning Operating System powered by Salesforce


Impact Learn pricing is simple $1/user/month.




The world's smartest companies automate their internal and external learning programs with Impact Learn.  Stratus built an eLearning Operating System and that changes everything.

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Impact Learn enables organizations of all sizes operate their eLearning/LMS programs more efficiently, while also delivering greater value and exceeding customer expectations.  

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How it works

Impact Learn's Operating System is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that address today's eLearning/LMS challenges and opportunities. 

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eLearning salesforce Native

Impact is 100% native on Salesforce.  This allows our customers to benefit directly from the  1 Billion Dollar investment into R & D and 3 major upgrades Salesforce delivers every year.  No other eLearning solution comes even close!  



Impact Learn's comprehensive features and functionality increases an organizations ability to enable it's employee and customers while driving engagement.

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Platform Security

Nothing is more important to Stratus Cloud Solutions than the privacy and protection of its customers' date.  If you are part of the Finance, Health Care or Government this matters to you.

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Product Demo

Learn more about the Impact Learn Operating System, and let us show you the difference.  

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