....You can save time and mass merge those unwanted duplicates?

Do you have hundreds or thousands of duplicates and merging them one at a time just seems daunting? Use the mass merge functionality and merge those records within minutes. 

If you have run a scenario and Data Cleanser has identified hundreds or thousands of duplicate groups, use the Mass Merge function to merge these duplicates using the Master Rule to determine which record is the 'Master' record. The master record's information will be kept in Saleforce.com and the other records will be merged into this record. 

Here's how....

1. Once you have created your scenario and you have your matching rules and filters (if needed) ready to go, click on the Master Button to review the master rule. 

2. If you notice that the current Master Rule states that the oldest Records will score a 10. The highest scoring record will be identified as the master, this is what the score relates to.  If this Master rule is what you would like to keep, then you can activate the scenario. 

3. If you would like to create a new Master Rule, delete the current rule by clicking on the Edit button and then the Delete button. .You can then create your own rules by clicking on the NEW button.. Choose the field, the matching type and the score of the rule you want to create. You can create a rule on the Record (Oldest, newest, most opportunities, etc) or directly on a field (Email is populated). Make sure that you include a score for every master rule that you create as the score will determine the master.  Once you are happy with your scenario and your master rule, activate the scenario. 

4. Once the scenario is active and the duplicates have been populated, you can click on the "Mass Merge' Button to mass merge all of the found duplicates using the Master Rule that you created.. That simple.