....That you can find hard to find duplicates such as Great Storage Inc and Great Storage? This can be accomplished using the Word Removal Matching Type.

Do you have a lot of account duplicates that are difficult ot identify with the Exact or Fuzzy logic matching types? Do those account names end in words such as  Inc., Ltd, or LLC? You can idenitfy those duplciates with the 'Word Removal' Matching Type.

This matching type will allow you to keep a list of words that you want Data Cleanser to ignore when searching for duplicates. .Simply create you Word Removal list and select it as the matching type when you run a Matching Scenario.

Here's how....

1. Click on Settings under the Preferences Menu. Select Word Mapping and Removal from the menu on the left. Then select Remove Words from the center screen.

2. Click on the New button and add your first word. Click on the 'Add/Update' Button to save your changes.

3. Keep adding items to the list as needed.

4. When you wish to use this list as part of your search, simply select it 'Word Rmoval' from the drop down list of matching types when you create your rules in your matching scenario.

5. Use this list anytime you wish to have Data Cleanser ignore a specific word. Simply add it to the list and select "Word Remvaol" for your matching type. Use it on leads, accounts and contacts. The possibilities are endless.