....That once you have cleansed your database of duplicates, you can keep it duplicate free? This can be accomplished using the Scheduler tool.

Do you want to make sure that you keep on top of the duplicates in your database? Do you want to keep you database duplicate free?

This is a common request from our customers as they want to keep data integrity intact. Once that original de duplication has been completed, use the Scheduler option to keep those unwanted duplicates under control. The schduler allow you to schedule daily or weekly Matching scenarios to run at a specific time so that when you check Data Cleanser, any new duplicates that have entered your system will be there for you to merge.

Here's how....

1. Click on Settings under the Preferences Menu.

2. Select the object for which you wish to Schedule the matching scenario (Leads, Contacts, Accounts)

3. Click on the edit beside 'Schedule Scneario time' and select the time you wish the scenario to run.  Ensure the scheduler is set to ON.

4. Click on Edit on the day you wish the scenario to run, select the scenario you wish to run from the drop down list and change the Schedule Scnario button to 'ON. Click Set. You will now see a Green Active button bside the day that you chose to run the scheduled scenario.

5. You can schedule a scenario to run every day of the week, or once a week. Don't forget to schedule a scenario for all the objects you wish to keep duplicate free.