....You can use record types when searching for duplicates?

Do you want to make sure you are not merging or identifying different types of records that are not the same type, such as Account types?

This is a common request from our customers as they want to insure they they do not merge different Record Types together as this is typically not a true duplicate match.  The good news is with Data Cleanser we can easily let you slice and dice your data any way you like and Record Types are no exception.

Here's how....

1. If you want to search on all record types, but want to make sure that the duplicate records found have the same record types, you simply add a Matching Rule that states: RecordTypeID - Exact.

2. If you want to search for duplicates on a specific Record Type, then you need to add a filter. Click on the Filters button, then click New.

3. Select 'Record Type ID' from the field drop down list, select 'Equals' from the Matching Type drop down list and then paste in the Record Type ID that you wish to search on.

NOTE: The best way to determine the record type is to create a record and choose the record type you want. Then in the URL window of your browser you will see:

The record id in the link above starts after the '=' and ends before the '&', it is '012F0000000wmRP'