Collaboration is more than just a feed

When thinking about the risks around eLearning engagement, collaboration is clearly a winner when it comes to diving benefits.  With collaboration learners have an opportunity to engage in a personal way and amplify their learning experience that will ultimately improve the learner’s retention.  

At Stratus Cloud Solutions we have chosen to leverage the collaboration engine (Chatter) for Impact LMS to help drive higher levels of engagement.  This was a natural choice as it is easy to use, fully integrated and will create a true Salesforce LMS platform and has a clear track record of innovation.

We believe engagement is key in any eLearning platform and collaboration should not be limited to your learning platform.  In fact, isolation is a sure way to kill collaboration (build it and they will come is not always a winning strategy).  With this in mind, we have designed collaboration to be accessible to anyone within your organization or partner ecosystem whom you want to be part of the conversation, right from within the environment.  

It is also important to keep your contributors coming back for more.  We therefore have a few ways to drive that behavior.  Here are some simple ways we help.

  • we enable learners and instructors to award badges to their colleagues, thanking them for their contributions, recognizing initiatives, or any other activity you want to recognize.

  • empower employees to identify and endorse other employees as experts on specific topics

  • highlight top influencers and contributors to your social network

Collaboration is also a great way to ensure the best ideas come to light.  Each course has its own group that allows everyone to engage in the conversation.  It is also easy to bring experts, customers or partners into the conversation from around your ecosystem, helping to provide a new level of engagement.  Chatter also allows you to share files, integrate videos, and invite new members.

We have also included Polls, right into the course collaboration area, that allow you to assess employee opinions on any topic, any time.  Anyone can post a poll to your course participants and get feedback on a specific subject or course material to gauge popular sentiment.

Since an unstructured conversation is hard to organize, we use a concept called ‘Topics’ to automatically collect and present the most up-to-date content on any subject discussed with the course(s).  Topics gather relevant posts and answers, suggest groups, experts, files and other resources that release directly to any topic.  This is known as capturing the wisdom of the crowd, or in our case, the wisdom of your employees and partners.

To personalize to course experience and capitalize on those micro-moments our learners are giving us, we believe it is critical to separate the conversation from learner course specific questions.  This is why we are leveraging a concept called ‘Answers’.  The learner will simply ‘Ask a question’ and we will search to see if that question has been already answered by the group.  This provides incredible efficiency for the learners and also helps to insure the same questions are not asked to the group over and over again.  

Lastly, we allow for complete customization within Impact LMS.  So if your organization wants to add a custom ‘LMS Actions’ right within the collaboration feed, this is fully supported.  This will enable your learners to take action right within the flow of the conversation and stay engaged.  We know every organization is different and providing this level of customization opens the door to amazing possibilities,  including connecting and actioning 3rd party custom applications right within Impact LMS.  

There are a lot more ways Impact LMS leverages collaboration and we are very excited to see how you will take advantage of this very powerful tool to drive the learning results within your organization.