We provide affordable pricing for small and medium sized organization. We have hourly or daily rates and we offer high quality services from our certified consultants. Contact us for a price quote on your next admin project. job is too small, we want to help. 

There are various tasks that we can help out with. 

Do you have a bigger project or the need for more weekly admin services? Then maybe bundle pricing is the way to go. 

Save with bundle pricing.

1  day per week, 2 months

$50/h - $3,500

1 day per week, 6 months

$45/h - $9,360

1 day per week, 12 months

$40/h - $15,600

It's simple, buy a bundle then give our Administrators a call.  

Thats it, we will do the rest.  Call to get started: 347-927-4350