Here is what we can do and what we are good at.


Set Up and Customization

User: Create, Update and deactivate users

Portal Users: Create, update and deactivate portal users

Roles: Create and update roles and role hierarchies

Profiles: Create and update profiles

Public Groups: Create and update public groups

Custom Objects: Create and update custom objects

Standard Objects: Update standard objects

Custom Fields: Create and update custom fields

Page Layouts: Create and update page layouts

Record Types: Create and update record types

Custom Button and Links: Create and update buttons and links

List Views: Create and update list views

Queues: Create and update queues

Assignment Rules: Create and update assignment rules

Auto-response Rules: Create and update auto-response rules

Escalation Rules: Create and update escalation rules

Support/Lead Settings: Update settings

Manage Teams (Account/Sales/Cases): Create and update teams on user record

Pricebook: Create and update pricebook

Workflow Rules/Tasks/Alerts/Field Updates: Create and update workflow rules, tasks, alerts, and field updates.

Approval Process: Create and update workflow approval processes

Reports: Assist in creation and modification of reports as necessary

Dashboards: Create and update dashboards as necessary

Analytic Snapshop: Create and update analytic snapshots as necessary

Custom Report Types: Create and update custom report types

Validation Rules: Assist in creation and modification of formula fields as necessary

Formula Fields: Assist in creation and modification of formula fields as necessary

Summary Formula Fields: Assist in creation and modification of summary formula fields as necessary

Translation Workbench:create and update translations

Forecast Hierarchy: Update forecast hierarchies


Territory Hierarchy: Create and update territory hierarchies

Territory Rules: Create and update territory rules

User Territory Assignments: Create and update user territory assignments

Communication Templates

HTML Letterhead Templates: Create HTML letterhead templates

Email Templates: Create email templates

Quote Templates: Create and update quote templates


Mass Transfer Records: Mass transfer records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file

Mass Delete Records: Mass delete records, provided by customer in a formatted CSV file

Mass Create Records: Mass create records, provided by customer in a formatted CSV file

Mass Update Records: ass update records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file


Sharing Rules: Create and update sharing rules

Field Accessibility: Create and update field accessibility

Password Policies: Manage password policies

Session Settings: Manage session settings

IP Ranges: Add and update IP ranges


Currencies: Manage currencies

Fiscal Year: Create and update fiscal year

Business Hours: Create and update business hours

Productivity and Collaboration

Create Content: Create and update content workspaces

Add Users to Workspaces: Add users to workspaces

Chatter Feed Settings: Create and update Chatter feed settings

Chatter Groups: Add user to Chatter groups

Search Settings: Create and update search settings

Ideas Settings: Create and update ideas settings

Answer Settings: Create and update answers settings


Mobile Configurations: Create and update mobile configurations